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Where I'll be 2014:


Sunday Oct 19th 12N-4P The Streets of Indian Lake "Pumpkin Festival"  Hendersonville


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Musician & Multi-Instrumentalist:

 Michael was born February 5, 1962 in Charlotte, N.C., and his family moved to Nashville, Tn. in 1964. As a toddler, he would sleep under the stereo speakers with his blanket listening to the Beatles. He began playing tenor saxophone at age 12, flute at 13, oboe at 14, and clarinet at 15. Classically trained, he was a scholarship student from age 14-18 at the Blair School of Music in Nashville studying oboe with Bobby Taylor and sax with Michael Schirk, and also playing in the Nashville Youth Symphony. As an oboist, he was a member of the Tennessee All-State Band and Orchestra, and also a member of the National Band Association Honor's Band. After graduating from Hendersonville High, and being a member of Hendersonville High School's Band of Gold, he studied oboe at the St Louis Conservatory of Music with Peter Bowman for 1yr. He then attended MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tn. majoring in music performance and studying oboe with Bobby Taylor and Dewayne Pigg and spent 2yrs in MTSU's Band of Blue...Seeking to be gainfully employed, self-reliant and flexible, he changed his major to nursing at MTSU, receiving an ADN in 1985, and a BSN in 1990. He started practicing as an RN in 1985, working in Nashville area hospital ERs & ICUs. He is currently working in Surgical ICU.... Always having an interest in jazz and blues, he continued playing tenor sax & flute and began playing by ear. At age 40, he decided to leave his living room and pursue his dream of playing live music, first with the Joy Ride Band at Dad's Lounge in Nashville, with the Buschmen, and at local blues jams, and Riski Biznezz... Michael and his friends Barry Jenkins (Guitar & Vocals), Rick Allen Carpenter (Bass & Vocals), Roger DeShone (Keyboards & Vocals), and Bruce Amato (Drums & Magic) have founded the band The Upscales: www.theupscales.com playing R&B, blues, funk, classic rock n roll, and standards.....He and his wife Lucia live in Gallatin, Tn. in the "Woodson Terrace" historic district, and between them have 4 daughters, Jodie, Emmie, Olivia and Bethany, and 2 grandaughters, Annaleise and Addilyn. 

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Click link to see older videos: http://www.riskibiznezz.com/apps/videos/ this is the old band prior to the newer members being added, with Geno Van Zant, Mike Settles and Joel Little